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A Childhood Fleeting

Single Image: A 3D interior based on the Calvin and Hobbes comic books. The scene was intended to tell a narrative. In my mind, Calvin has rolled over, holding on to Hobbes who slips off the bed. Calvin, even asleep, refuses to let go of the stuffed animal as a metaphor for his refusal to […]

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Underwater Serenity

Single Image: This is an interior scene created within Maya. The scene is a study of “extreme” environments and lighting. After rendering multiple passes and layers, the resulting images were composited together using photoshop to create the final result.

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3 Images: This skull model was created in Maya and Mudbox. This was a study of high polygonal modeling for organic objects. No textures were used and the only material used was a white lambert. Once the skull was modeled and sculpted, fine details (like cracks) were added in maya before rendering.

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